API - Authorization - OAuth Scopes

List of Scopes

Scope Description
account_read Access to read accounts data.
user_read Access to read users data.
user_read_write Access to read and write user data. Cannot modify password.
user_password_write Can update user password. Must be combined with user_read_write to access other attributes.
merchant_read Can read all merchant info associated with a user.
merchant_read_write Can read and write to all merchants associated with a user.
invoice_read Can read all invoice info.
invoice_write Can create an invoice (but cannot read an existing one).
invoice_read_write Can read and write to invoices.
refund_read_write Can read and write refunds on an invoice.


Scopes can be defined in a space delimited string. ie:

scope = "user_read user_read_write merchant_read_write"