Available Currencies

Price Currencies

These are currencies your customers can pay invoices with.

Currency Code
Bitcoin BTC
Litecoin LTC
Bitcoin Cash BCH

Base Price Currencies

These are currencies you can price an invoice in. Some are limited in which price currencies they can be associated with. As a general rule, when pricing in fiat, your customers can pay with any cryptocurrency. When pricing in a crypto, ie Litecoin, your customer will only be able to pay in Litecoin. We may allow Bitcoin to be a base currency for all other cryptos in the future.

Currency Code Allowable Price Currencies
Bitcoin BTC BTC
Litecoin LTC LTC
Bitcoin Cash BCH BCH
US Dollar USD All
Euro EUR All
GB Pound GBP All
Singapore Dollar SGD All
Argentine Peso ARS All
Australian Dollar AUD All
Brazilian Real BRL All
Canadian Dollar CAD All
Swiss Franc CHF All
Chilean Peso CLP All
Chinese Yuan CNY All
Colombian Peso COP All
Czech Koruna CZK All
Danish Krone DKK All
Ghana Cedi GHS All
Hong Kond Dollar HKD All
Manx Pound IMP All
Indian Rupee INR All
Japanese Yen JPY All
South Korean Won KRW All
Cayman Islands Dollar KYD All
Mexican Peso MXN All
Nigerian Naira NGN All
Norwegian Krone NOK All
New Zealand Dollar NZD All
Polish Zloty PLN All
Pakistani Rupee PKR All
Russian Ruble RUB All
Saudi Riyal SAR All
Swedish Krona SEK All
Uruguayan Peso UYU All
Gold XAU All
Silver XAG All
Zimbabwean Dollar ZWL All